Inrom’s New Low-power, Fan-less Home Automation Touchscreen


UK based firm – inrom – have develop an embedded flush-mounted 7″ touchpanel that supports many of the common home automation standards like X10, Z-Wave, Rako Controls, Applied Digital and UPnP, (support is also in the works for KNX, EnOcean and ZigBee).

The fan-less solid state design uses an ARM CPU and consumes just 7 watts at idle.  inrom describe the UI as a “modern design with clear messages, animation and user feedback”. With the optional internet access enabled the system can display weather feeds, remote control (via web server), send SMS messages and display RSS feeds too…

“envigma is an embedded software and hardware solution using the latest in low‐power, fan‐less, solid state computing. The technology we’re using is commonly used in the mobile phone/personal computing sector.  A single wall mounted touch‐screen computer is installed in the home. This is more than a thin client; the touch panel is the human interface, the web server for remote control, the logic engine and implements the radio/wired connections to the homes ‘controllable’ devices.
This architecture improves reliability, simplifies installation and considerably reduces system cost.

No server, no additional equipment hidden away in loft space or under the stairs – everything is implemented in a flush wall‐mounted touch screen device with no moving parts.  The envigma hardware is based around a powerful 740 MIPS ARM11 processor with extremely low power consumption (7w when idle) but enough processing power to drive the fluid, easy‐to‐use user interface.  The device is flush wall‐mounted using the supplied wall box. Power comes from the supplied PSU which should be connected to a switched spur.


A 7” colour touch‐screen, speaker, microphone and six hotkey switches provide the device controls.  Standard connectivity includes 2 x Ethernet ports, 1 x USB host, 1 x RS‐232, 1 x RS‐485, video in, audio in and audio out.  Optional connectivity: WLAN (Wi‐Fi) and Power‐over‐Ethernet (PoE).”

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3 Comments on "Inrom’s New Low-power, Fan-less Home Automation Touchscreen"

  1. “The fan-less solid state design uses an ARM CPU and consumes just 7 watts at idle” more or less same as a Joggler then.

  2. where is it possible to by it ? It’s too good for my home !

  3. Okay is there anything that can controller my Worcester/Bosch RF Boiler?

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