iPhone Home Automation Control with XMBC and Perl

Automated Home reader, Klaus has sent us this interesting video on XBMC control from his iPhone.  Make sure to watch through the media bits to the end for the Home Automation and CCTV segment and read on for all the details…

Here’s a sneak peak at my GUI for controlling XBMC and everthing else in the house with my iPhone (iPad version coming soon too). I integrated XBMC with a Perl script to communicate with my controller (mm..myhome for Mac and Linux) to show up all the information and Covers and Fanart.

You can start a film and resume it the next day at the same position in the living room or anywhere else in the house where you have a XBMC client. Define scenes for watching movies to dim the lights control curtains and control all the AV-gear so that you only need one remote. The scene starts when pressing the play button on the cover in the Gui.

You can browse through your music and video library with Covers and Fanart also when XBMC is not running. By a single touch on the cover of the film the application will start, the TV turns on, the reciever switches to the right input sets the correct volume level, the lights are dimmed… and the video plays.

Your house is sending you messages with prowl for iPhone if a window is opened when you are on holiday or you forgot turning of lights, the doorbell rings or whatever you like.  You instantly get the states of all the home automation stuff in the Gui.

If the doorbell rings the Gui switches to the entrance view to see who is outside and you can open the door if you like. The possibilities
are nearly endless.

You can get more information about the software mm..myhome for Mac on their website www.mremote.de and in the forum www.ihome-forum.de Its a german forum but you can also ask in english.

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  1. Any plans on releasing Perl script code and other details to public ?

    Thanks for great work,



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