iRidium Release New Version of KNX Home Automation Software

The guys from iRidium have contacted us with the details on the latest release of their Home Automation software app…

“iRidium Mobile Ltd. presents a new product – iRidium for KNX v.1.5.10.  iRidium for KNX offers immense opportunities for visualization and control of KNX systems:

Integration with any KNXNet/IP devices:

  • Base License – control any number of KNXNet/IP devices from a single control panel
  • Control a single KNXNet/IP device from an unlimited number of control panels (with iRidium Gate)
  • Control KNXNet/IP devices over the Internet (with iRidium Gate)

Integration with Weinzierl KNX IP BAOS:

  • Ultimate License – control of KNX IP BAOS from an unlimited number of control panels but from up to 10 control panels at the same time (without iRidium Gate)
  • Control KNX IP BAOS over the Internet (without iRidium Gate)

Embedded iRidium AV Control – iRidium for KNX includes a driver for controlling any Audio-Video equipment

No additional hardware required – Control your system without expensive hardware and ensure its maximum stability and reliability due to direct connection to your equipment

Fast and convenient import from ETS
– Import preset group addresses and datapoints from your ETS project to iRidium GUI Editor and use them to make setup of communication with your KNX automation system easy and fast

Creation of unique and beautiful GUIs. Ready templates
– Use ready GUI templates or create your own sophisticated GUIs with a wide range of visualization options: animation, chameleon images, opacity, font effects, video streaming (JPG, MJPG), informers, hyperlinks, bargraphs,etc.

Control over Local network or Internet – Your system is under control wherever you are

GUI update over the Internet – Don’t keep your customer waiting and save your time and money on visits”

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