iRobot Announce new Pool Cleaning Bots

iRobot, famous for bringing the first affordable range of vacuum cleaning robots to the masses have just announced two new products. The Verro robots are swimming pool cleaning bots, and are available now…

“…introducing the iRobot Verro(TM) Pool Cleaning Robot, an easier way to a cleaner pool. Verro requires no installation and uses artificial intelligence to clean more effectively and efficiently than traditional pool-cleaning methods. Two models are offered–Verro 300 and Verro 600–priced at $799 and $1,199 respectively and available immediately from

Verro is brought to market under the iRobot brand through a relationship with the Aqua Products Group companies including AquaJet LLC and Aquatron, Inc., which developed the pool-cleaning robots. Moving forward, the relationship allows iRobot to advance the line of pool-cleaning robots using the company’s unmatched expertise in delivering affordable robots that really work. “iRobot was the first company to offer affordable household robots when we launched the Roomba® Vacuuming Robot in 2002, and in just five short years, we now have robots that can perform a variety of dull and dirty chores,” said Colin Angle, co-founder and chief executive officer of iRobot. “iRobot Verro marks our first foray into outdoor home maintenance, expanding our family of practical, easy-to-use robots.”

Like all iRobot home robots, the Verro 300 and 600 robots are easy to use. Simply drop the robot in the pool, and it begins to clean. Both models clean the entire pool from floor to waterline in 60 to 90 minutes, improving the circulation of pool chemicals and water temperature, while reducing pool filtration system run-time. The robots feature a powerful vacuum and filtration system that picks up and traps dirt, dust, algae, bacteria and particles as small as two microns – a fraction of the diameter of a human hair, which averages 70 microns. Both iRobot Verro models work on all pool surfaces. The iRobot Verro 300 is designed for use on gunite or concrete and features a powerful hydro-jet system that power washes the pool, deep cleaning pores, cracks and seams. The iRobot Verro 600 is ideal for vinyl, tile and fiberglass pool surfaces and features sturdy PVA brushes that scrub and clean the pool, while the powerful vacuum and self-contained filtration system picks up and traps debris and microscopic bacteria.”

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