Is Flick Key The World’s Smallest Keyboard?

The flick key keyboard is a miniature keyboard, that is simple in design, only contains 6 keys and they are all flick-able. To work the keyboard you simple just press anywhere on the key and flick the key which then displays the relevant character on the text pad. It has 2 basic screens, including the number pad, which you can easily switch between.

There are also punctuation characters that allow you to create properly formatted paragraphs in your notepad. A great point with this application is that you can actually press anywhere on the key and then flick in any direction towards the letter, which means it is very flexible and user friendly. The flick key works on iPhone, Ipad and iPod Touch iOS 4.0 and above, which are available from mobile phone providers such as , and is currently being called the world’s smallest keyboard.

The first version of flick key has been produced without any auto correction or a predictive text option. The idea behind this is that the Flick key has a higher accuracy ratio based on what you are typing, and as a result it does not need the predicative option which are currently standard with most text pad options. It relies more on the quality of the software to match exactly what the user is entering rather than trying to predict what they mean. This is a great feature that can remove a lot of wasted time deleting sentences that are often created by most predictive text software but not intended by the user.

The screen takes a little bit of learning but once you become accustomed it’s a very fast and accurate way of writing text. It’s currently available at the iPhone app store. It is essentially a textpad app and once you have finished you can copy and paste the text, save it or email the information. The more spend time with the app the easier it will be and the fast you will get. It will get to the point where you won’t have to look at the keypad or think about what you are typing it will just come naturally, so you are effectively touch typing. Now to the price, it is not a free app but it is a small cost for what it actually does, currently available on the app store for £1.19 ($2) and is one app that you should considering keeping near you email and text apps so you can quickly switch between the two.

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