iSetBox – Media Player Nirvana?

How do you fancy a Digital/analogue/IP TV receiver, Digital Video Recorder, DVD Burner, Digital and FM Radio, 6-flash-card reader and networked media player – all in one box!

The list of interesting words and phrases goes on and on – Linux, USB2, Wifi, 10/100 Ethernet, AC-3, H.264, MPEG-4, 120GB…phew! Well, it’s all a bit of a tease at this stage as this newly announced device won’t be available until the end of this year…

“Media Systems announces today the first product from the new iSetBox product family – the iSetBox-Home multimedia communication centre. It lets users watch digital TV and DVD movies, listen to radio and recorded music, write data to CD/DVD media, browse the internet and use e-mail, transfer files from/to multimedia devices or view digital photo albums. The compact form factor and aesthetic look of the iSetBox-Home perfectly add it to the home interior, saving precious space. The device is easily operated through an universal remote control unit. The iSetBox is an extremely reliable and flexible device, utilizing a Pixelworks CPU running the Linux operating system… The iSetBox-Home allows receiving different kinds of analog television (PAL and NTSC), digital television (DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T), IP television, including encoded TV programs, and so enables watching of digital television on a standard TV set. It is possible to configure the device with any combination of two tuners of the DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T or analog types, which allows while watching one TV program to record another on the built-in CD/DVD or optional HD drive. Depending upon the integrated tuners, you can listen either to FM or to digital radio stations. The iSetBox-Home allows watching of two TV programs simultaneously through the picture-in-picture function, with various overlay/tile options. A pause function for television broadcasting (Timeshifting) is also supported. The integrated software decoder allows teletext reception. Parental control is implemented through restrictions based on channel or time.

Through the integrated DVD slot-loading drive you can either watch your favorite movies, or listen to your favorite music (audio or MP3). The device supports most of the basic high-speed standards used for reading and writing on CD/DVD/HDD. Programming and editing of specific recordings is also possible.

At your disposal are an internet browser and e-mail client, which allow you to immerse yourself into the vast internet space and download your favorite movies and music. You can also program and remotely control the iSetBox-Home when it is connected to the internet from your notebook, mobile phone or PDA.

The iSetBox-Home allows you to simultaneously preview your digital photo albums using the integrated Slideshow function, and listen to music. Through the integrated 6-in-1 card reader you can easily download and record your favorite pictures, shot with your digital camera. iSetBox-Home supports the most popular video and audio formats and, having a variety of inputs and outputs, gives you rich communication possibilities. This allows transfer of files from/to other multimedia devices. Using the Ethernet interface, you can archive digital video and audio on your PC.

The iSetBox-Home is based on the Linux operating system and allows easy upgrade of the embedded software. Additional hardware extension modules can be added through a PCI slot.

The unique design of the iSetBox-Home enables natural convection cooling without a fan and as a result – extremely quiet work. The device is easy to disassemble and its modular design simplifies component replacement. The hardware configuration can easily be modified or upgraded by system integrators or service providers according to the clients needs. Optionally, a hard disk drive can be integrated into the iSetBox-Home, which will provide much space for storing of movies, music, photos and all other kind of information.

The iSetBox-Home is operated by one universal remote control unit through a very easy user-friendly interface, or through the integrated touch-sensitive buttons along the front panel LCD. Using the remote control or the front panel buttons, you can create and edit play lists.

All you need is to connect the iSetBox-Home to your TV set and have fun.

iSetBox-Home will be delivered to system integrators and service providers companies. End users can not purchase it directly from us. The device will be configured according to the project needs of the specific service provider.

iSetBox-Home is expected to appear on the market during the fourth quarter of 2006.

MEDIA SYSTEMS Ltd. is a company specialized in distribution and manufacturing of Hi-Tech devices, such as GSM/GPRS and GPS embedded modules, modems, terminals and devices used in the wireless communications field. Started as a distributor of Falcom GmbH in 2003, right in the following year the company grew to manufacturer of GSM/GPRS/GPS devices for security of people, homes and automobiles. Its subcontractor is Media Data Ltd., developer of the Securer and iSetBox product series sold by Media Systems. For more information about products distributed and manufactured by Media Systems Ltd. check also the following links: or

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