Jibo: Rise of the Social Robot

‘Otto’ the little robot logo for Automated Home has always been our ultimate symbol of the far distant smart home future. Who doesn’t want a robot, right?

Now MIT Professor, Dr Cynthia Breazeal has formed a company with a team that may just bring us Otto MkI.

The JIBO is billed as “The World’s First Family Robot” and has obviously struck a chord with the public blasting past its $100,000 target on crowd funding site Indiegogo within the first few days.

The 11 inch tall glass and aluminium robot runs on embedded Linux and features a wealth of tech including an HD LCD screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2 stereo cameras and numerous sensors.

Independent developers will be able to get in on the act too with the JIBOAlive SDK. With privacy such a hot topic right now JIBO will need to make sure their robot is completely secure.

JIBO is the perfect robot for everyone in the family. Because JIBO is an open platform, his skills and applications will grow, helping and delighting in ways even we haven’t even imagined..

JIBO is target at all ages, being trialled in children’s hospitals and also aiming at helping our ageing population deal with “chronic loneliness”.

Supporters can pre-order the JIBO home version for $499.  With an estimated delivery date of December 2015, these are still around 18 months away with public release scheduled for 2016. Check out the launch video below plus the Katie Couric interview with JIBO’s Cynthia Breazeal…

www.myjibo.com  :  JIBO on Indiegogo

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2 Comments on "Jibo: Rise of the Social Robot"

  1. interesting … would have thought, though, the World’s first was Nabaztag (some time back, now, and of course technology’s moved on since then, so more is now possible, and it was not American, or from MIT, so probably doesn’t count – some years ago, MIT were reinventing Apple’s approach to HI, so West Coast USA probably doesn’t count, either) … they’re also talking delivery from end 2015, so how will reality compare (decades ago, talk was of computers conversing very soon with people in English, and there’s no sign of that happening anytime soon) … still, good luck to them, and they’re been working on it for a while – some history here :


    so maybe they just might do it …

  2. Chris Hunter | July 18, 2014 at 8:53 pm |

    PS: forgot to include a link to the Nabaztag successor :


    which seems to offer quite a lot …

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