JVC JX-S777 Audio/Video Switcher

The new JVC AV Switcher is reviewed on About Home Theater – “One of the constant problems encountered by both home theater and video editing enthusiasts is having a logically organized way to hookup everything in their systems.

The constant battle with cable clutter, dust, and re-connecting and re-arranging components everytime a new component is added is a real bother. However, JVC may have come to the rescue with its JX-S777 A/V Switcher that does more than you expect.

The JVC JX-S777 is a comprehensive audio/video switcher and signal router. The unit can be operated both from the front panel or the provided remote control. Features include:

  • Eight A/V inputs and Five A/V outputs (can be either composite or S-Video).
  • Two component video inputs paired with digital audio inputs.
  • One component video output paired with digital audio output.
  • Three i-Link (Firewire/IEEE-1394) digital video input/output connectors.
  • Composite to S-Video conversion or S-Video to composite video conversion…
  • Dub from one VCR or DVD recorder to multiple VCRs or DVD recorders (non-copyprotected content only).
  • Simultaneous dubbing allows dubbing two different programs at the same time (dual-line operation).
  • Parallel dubbing feature allows another video program to be viewed during dubbing functions.
  • Front panel AV inputs (including firewire) as well as an A/V processor loop connection.


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