Keene CAT5Blaster WallPate

Keene Cat5Blaster Wallplate / Faceplate

Here’s another reason to love all that CAT5 you sunk into your walls.  The £90 set of CAT5Blaster Wallplates from Keene Electronics allow you to send two independent video channels (either 1 x S-Video or 2 x Composite) plus audio over CAT5 cable for up to 100 metres.

Overview – The Cat5Blaster QC Wallplate is an easy to install system that enables high quality video and audio to be distributed over long distances using inexpensive network cable (CAT5 unshielded twisted pair). It can carry two video channels plus two audio channels and may be also used for s-video with the supplied adaptor cable. The C5QCWP is supplied in pairs, one unit to be used as the transmitter; the other as the receiver. There is no difference between the supplied units; your connections will designate which item performs which function. The C5QCWP units do not require any external power to function.

  • Has two independent video channels can be configured for s-video or 2 x composite video
  • Can be configured for analogue stereo or 2 x mono audio
  • Can send high quality images up to 100 metres
  • Consists of a pair of units for 1:1 distribution

Connection – Note: The Cat5 cable used for connecting the C5QCWP must be used solely for that purpose. All of the connectors within the Cat5 cable are used and it is important that it is not accidentally connected to any other computer or telephone equipment.

Cabling – Run the Cat5 cable from the location of the transmitter to the location of the receiver. The PCB on the rear of the unit allows for either RJ45 style plug or punch down IDC connection (not both!). Use standard Cat5 cabling practice (EIA568B) throughout and do not use cross-over cables.  If desired, either of the composite inputs may be used for digital audio.  Note that no conversion is performed within the unit so if s-video is connected to the transmitter end input you will get s-video at the receiver.

Maximum Cat5 cable lengths – The maximum recommended distance from the transmitter to the receiver is approximately 100m. For lengths in excess of this distance we recommend using the Cat5Blaster powered system. (The actual distance may vary slightly depending upon which video mode is being used).’

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