Keene Electronics and ExtraVegetables Announce Control4 KIRA Drivers

Home automation driver creators “Extra Vegetables” have recently enable the IRAnywhere hardware from Keene Electronics to talk Control4. The system can be used to provide Serial and IR out anywhere on an IP network…

“Keene Electronics have been developing innovative AV solutions for over 20 years and we’re delighted that Extra Vegetables have been able to integrate our IRAnywhere family hardware for use with Control4. This gives installers the greatest flexibility and choice when designing for their clients.” – Alan Quinby Director of Keene Electronics

“Extra Vegetables’ philosophy is to solve problems for installers and their customers” says Jane Scotland, CEO at Extra Vegetables. “We know that some customers prefer the simplicity and familiarity of the Sky remote. By using the Keene KIRA and leveraging the power of Control4, a Sky remote can be used to control a system. The Keene KIRA is a well priced, powerful device which can be used to provide Serial and IR Out anywhere on an IP network.”

Love Control4 but want to keep the Sky remotes?  Extra Vegetables KIRA drivers enable Sky remotes to be used with Control4! Control ALL Control4 sources using the familiar Sky remote!

Keene and Extra Vegetables are proud to announce a world-first – a way of using a Sky remote with Control4. By using a Keene KIRA (Electronic IR Anywhere) and the Extra Vegetables driver, the user can control a Sky box connected to a Control4 system with their familiar Sky remote. Even better, the Sky remote can also be used to control an entire Control4 system out of the box!

The Keene KIRA and driver are able to receive and recognise IR commands. The driver is shipped ready to recognise the Sky+HD remote. Simply point the Sky remote at the Keene KIRA and it can control the entire system. By pressing ‘interactive’ the Control4 OSD will pop up (like pressing the Red ‘4’ button on a Control4 remote). The Sky remote can then be used to navigate the Control4 OSD (On-Screen Display). When a device is selected the Sky remote will control that too. That’s any device – not just Sky.

It is also worth noting that while the driver is pre-configured to work with a Sky remote, it can easily be changed to recognise other IR-based remote controls. The Keene KIRA enables IR and Serial commands to be passed across an IP network. Using the driver, the IR Out and Serial functions appear in Composer as standard Control4 IR Out and Serial connections. Unlike HDBaseT that requires IR and Serial ports at the head end, the Keene KIRA actually creates these directly on the IP network.

Extra Vegetables will be demonstrating the Keene KIRA driver on stand 15 at Essential Install Live at Sandown Park on the 13th June 2012. The Extra Vegetables Keene KIRA driver and documentation is available now from the Extra Vegetables website [UPDATE – Control4 has acquired Extra Vegetables Ltd]

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Keene IRAnywhere (KIRA) Range

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