Kell Announce New Products

Kell Systems adds housing for subwoofers and centre speakers to its designer 19″ rack cabinets – Kell Systems, UK designer and manufacturer of advanced technical furniture, has incorporated housing for a large high-end centre speaker and/or subwoofer into its Nineteen Series range of silent-fan cooled 19″ AV rack cabinets. The new models are based on Kell’s well-established credenza-style triple enclosures, and feature detachable speaker grille covers in place of the credenza racks’ central doors.

An acoustically-lined compartment lies behind the grille, open to the front, with a heavy-duty height-adjustable centre speaker shelf. The shelf surface is also acoustically lined for de-coupling, and will accommodate centre speakers of up to 600 mm in width. The lower area of the compartment (below the shelf) can then be used to house the subwoofer. The design is such that either forward- or downward-firing subwoofers can be used… There are three models in the new range, each available in Kell’s wide range of styles and finishes, incorporating the speaker compartment with 24, 30 or 36 units of total rack space. As with all Kell cabinets, they come as standard with a host of features including Kell’s unique silent fan cooling system, built-in power distribution, heavy duty castor wheels, doors that slide back into the cabinet when open and detachable side and back panels for ease of installation. In addition they can be ordered with Kell’s ProMount shelf and panel system, allowing the elegant integration of shelf- and rack-mount equipment.

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