KiSS DP-500 DVD Player (DivX and LAN)


Just got details from Comfort Home Controls on this networked DVD/DivX player. They are expecting stock by this Wednesday.


"The most flexible DVD player available! Works with DivX and XviD format CD & DVD media (.avi) but also plays MP3's stored on DVD media (4.5 gig of MP3's! on one disk) and can stream audio, video and radio content from LAN via ethernet connection and much more."


The KiSS DP-500 DVD Player is based on the latest technology in the field and is the first DVD player in the world to offer an Ethernet connection compatibility with DivX video technology. The DP-500 introduces a series of new features including playback of .avi videos encoded in DivX versions 4 and 5, and a new Ethernet 10/100 connection. The Ethernet connection is used for a range of new functions, including Internet radio and PC connectivity for music files, pictures and video material.


Update – DivX 3.11 is now supported!


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