LaCie LaCinema Premier

LaCie LaCinema

LaCie are taking pre-orders for their new LaCinema Premier product, due to ship next month.   The USB hard drive based unit supports 1080i through its component output.  Prices start at $250 for the 500gb unit rising to $470 for the 1tb player.

“Easily turn your TV into an entertainment center for enjoying your movies, photos and music in comfort. Simply connect the LaCinema Premier to your PC or Mac via USB to transfer your digital media files; then plug it into your TV for instant playback. Designed with HDTV screens in mind, it can adapt video content up to a 1080i resolution. Enjoy surround sound thanks to its optical output capability. Fun and simple for anyone to use, it provides an easy-to navigate on-screen menu and convenient remote control. Even use it as an external hard drive for additional data storage. Our exclusive LaCie ‘1-Click’ Backup Software is included for quick, easy backups.”

  • Enjoy digital movies, music & photos on your TV
  • Optical output for surround sound
  • User-friendly interface & remote control
  • High capacity storage for your entire media library [Via:]

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