LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader – Plex Confirmed, Landing in 2 Weeks at £99 ?

We’ve been following the LG ST600 TV Upgrader since it was announced last year. We’ve just got some updated news as we’ve heard that it’s only a couple of weeks away from these shores and that it’s going to retail at around £99.

What’s still not officially confirmed though is if this will potentially become our favourite streamer of the year by including ‘Media Link’ – LG speak for Plex.

Plex Quote on the LG ST600 TVUpgrader

On the positive side visitors to the Plex website over the last few weeks may have noticed this interesting paragraph on their front page – “LG Electronics has integrated the Plex platform technology into its 2011 Netcast™ enabled HDTVs and LG Smart TV Upgrader“.

However we’ve still been unable to get anyone from LG to confirm this.  We can’t remember ever hearing so many “it’s in, it’s not in” rumours since LG spoiled our new year with the information from CES in January that the TV Upgrader would NOT include Plex. We talked to the Plex guys who couldn’t reveal anything, but added “we’re enjoying working with LG, they are awesome“.

Now to the good stuff – the latest we’ve heard from a source close to LG is that while Plex (Media Link) will not make it into the initial release of the product, it WILL be enabled in a free firmware update in Q3 or possibly even earlier.

Remember, unlike the Apple TV 2, the ST600 supports most codecs, many more premiums apps plus DLNA for a huge range of devices, not just those supporting AirPlay.  The unit is built on the same hardware going into the new range of LG Netcast HD TV’s (also just a few weeks away from stores), which supports 1080p, again trumping the ATV2.

We hope to have our hands on our review sample in the coming weeks, although if what we believe is true we’ll have to wait a while longer to test Plex on it.  In the meantime we can be happy with the news that LG have seen the light and that soon people will have an inexpensive plug n play black box to attach to their telly’s to bring the wonderful world of Plex.

LG ST600   :    www.lg.com   :   www.PlexApp.com

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24 Comments on "LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader – Plex Confirmed, Landing in 2 Weeks at £99 ?"

  1. Sounds like this might be a good alternative to an ATV2 with XBMC. Any indication if it will work on non-LG TVs?

  2. Tim – Absolutely, the LG ST600 TV Upgrader is meant for any telly with HDMI.


  3. JamesSDavis | March 29, 2011 at 1:13 pm |

    I have tried to speak to LG about this and they are telling me that they don’t have any planned release date as yet.

  4. JamesSDavis – welcome to our world. This information came from LG’s UK PR people late yesterday.

  5. I might hold out for a version built into a Blu-ray player!

  6. Steve – LG originally said that Plex Media Link would be in their new Blu-ray players too, but that seems to have changed now. Although that’s not to say it can’t change back either.

  7. The BD640 Has smart TV but appears to be US only?

  8. Hi Tony – the problem is “Smart TV” doesn’t equal Plex. It needs to have the additional “Media Link” feature (LGs term for Plex).



  9. Harry McGhee | April 15, 2011 at 11:45 am |

    Have we any further information on a release date of this ST600.

  10. Harry – due any time now. I noticed confirmation of the price on LGs UK Blog earlier this week…

    “…the ST600 Smart TV upgrader that is also on display at the Gadget Show Live. Offering any TV with an HDMI port access to all of our Smart TV content for a snip at just £100.”

  11. I have just come back from the Gadget Show and their sales dood told me there is NO confimed price yet and the availability is going to be end of May/beginning of June.

    I was very dissapointed really as I emailed LG about the ST600 before I went and they told me it was being demoed there. It was there OK but they didnt have Plex server installed on anything so couldnt show me it working. I asked about the DLNA capabilities but they didnt have a DNLA server either. Their sales guy then started talking to someone else so I walked off 🙁

    Both T3 and Stuff magazine have a review of the ST600. They both have different prices = £99 & £130. At £99 I’m in but at £130 I would rather just get the Apple TV2 (£87ish on eBay).

  12. Mark – the price has been published on LG’s own Blog – see the link in my comment above.

    I don;t think they could have showed you Plex working on it as it’s not there yet, but will be in a future firmware update.


  13. It would seem that LG will not offer Smart TV in their BluRay players for the UK market.
    The US will have this option such as the BD670 and the BD690 according to the specs.
    Can this be confirmed?
    I really dont want an extra box and remote!

  14. Looks like 1staudiovisual are due stock on the 30th April (next Saturday) but they are showing a price of £130. Lambda-tek are showing it at £116.98.

    I am hoping that both these prices are wrong and it will be under £100 as originally mentioned (£99 ?).

    The German Amazon site have it at 129EUR which would also be more than £100 🙁

  15. hi everybody makro will have it £70+vat

    in there makromail starts wed 18th may


  16. I tweeted a link to the Macro page on the 9th May…


    Although no stock and £119.99 there.


  17. well wait till the 18th & if ure lucky makro will have 1 £70+vat

    now question!will it come with plex my understanding yes!anyone no for sure!

  18. Looks like they will be around £125.

    So for another £70 there are plenty on BR plaers that integrate this Internet features. Sony’s new S780 could be a optionwith a quality BR player.

  19. I got bored waiting (April 26th was my last post on this thread). The availability rate keeps getting moved further and further back so I bought an Apple TV and put XBMC on it. I don’t regret it so far !

  20. Yes, disappointing isn’t it 🙁

    Latest we’ve heard is Q3 now. Maybe they’re waiting for the firmware with ‘Media Link’ to launch?

  21. ASDA direct are saying it’s in stock now …

    http://direct.asda.com/LG-ST600-Smart-TV-Upgrader/000509885,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=Shopping Engines ASDA Direct-_-Google Base-_-Digital Receivers & Recorders-_-LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader&istCompanyId=71f4ae42-94c5-4821-aa58-05eff6da2486&istItemId=wwrqqawi&istBid=t

    At £130 I’m glad I didn’t wait ! So much for that rep at the gadget show telling me it was going to be under £99 !

  22. I’m trying to decide which TV Internet box to buy, and found there are at least 6 to consider. However, apart from the price, I’m finding it hard to decide which one gives the best Internet service and human interface (Logitech Review’s keyboard seems nicer than the remote style of the others).

    Any advice on which of these to go for please?

    Logitech Review £99

    LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader £123.50

    SONY BDPS580B Blu-ray Player £162

    Sony SMP-N100 internet TV box £90 Play.com

    Maplin’s Digital Stream Internet Television Box £90

  23. hi , have just purchased the lg smart tv upgrader st600 . Our tv has an hdmi socket but the sky hd box is currently plugged into that, does anyone have any ideas on how we can still use this someway and if so how? cheers

  24. Jo – try this sort of thing…


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