Libra Systems Launches AL-1 Remote Audio Control

Just received this press release…

"Libra Systems is a new UK-based manufacturer founded by pro-audio and home installation specialists Martin Noar and Richard Barman to provide simple and cost-effective components for multi-zone AV systems.

The first product, already in stock and ready for shipping, is the AL-1 remote level control, with other products already in the development pipe-line. "The AL-1 system is a 'problem-solver' for installers." commented Richard Barman, "It's a stereo audio level controller that can either be used in conjunction with our wall plate which also has complete IR pass-through back to the main unit, or directly with control systems such as AMX and Crestron."

The system consists of the AL-1 level controller, the WP-1 wall-plate, and an Infrared remote control. Priced at just £199 inc VAT for the complete system, it is targeted at dealers and installers who need to add an addition zone to an existing audio system, but could not justify the often huge cost or complexity of custom electronics or additional existing system components.

Careful design has ensured that the Al-1 integrates 'seamlessly' with existing audio systems, providing an independent, high quality, level controlled audio output that responds to simple IR or contact-closure commands to change volume or mute status. By simply daisy-chaining several AL-1 units, basic multiple zone systems can be achieved, again without any need to change the set-up of the original audio system"… The WP-1 wall-plate is a stylish stainless-steel finish control that is a standard UK single gang plate, with level and on-off functions. With a built-in IR receiver the plate can also be controlled using the supplied infrared remote, or with custom learning remotes. All IR commands received by the wall-plate are also relayed back through to the AL-1 controller, where a dedicated IR output allows for total IR system control of almost any equipment from the remote zone.

Both founders feel strongly that there is a large market for multi-zone AV equipment that addresses the needs of more 'everyday' users. They see the market largely taken over by expensive hi-end hi-fi manufacturers who have a niche market among the seriously rich. By developing very simple and inexpensive products, they hope to bring the 'luxuries' of multi-zone AV to the more installers and end-users".

Libra Systems
15B Avenue Road
Middlesex TW11 0BT

tel: 020 8977 0422

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