LightwaveRF Teases Smart Home Zoned Heating Control System

The LightwaveRF system from JSJS Designs offers a wide variety of good looking, affordable home automation modules that can easily be retro fitted in any home.

After a long gestation period the company are ready to launch their heating control range which will be part of the new professional series. Featuring ARM processors, the system will include boiler controls, thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves.

The TRVs work in combination with a LightwaveRF heating switch to provide a fully remote controlled heating system where every radiator can be individually controlled from a smartphone or tablet app. You can create weekly profiles, monitor and set the temperatures in real-time and save energy using a magnetic trigger to detect open windows and turn down radiators individually.

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The company is due to officially unveil its Wireless Domestic Heating Control Family at ‘Gadget Show Live’ next month.  However they appear to have a soft-launch underway with some products already available to buy.


Leading British Home Automation developer LightwaveRF will be launching a new element to its Connect family of wireless ‘Smart Home’ products at Gadget Show Live 2014 in April. The technically advanced Heating Range will enable accurate monitoring and control of domestic heating systems using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Home owners will soon be able to setup, monitor and control boiler on/off times, individual room temperatures and even the temperature of ‘zones’ through the house, from anywhere in the world using the Internet. Specialised heating devices will now include boiler controls, thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) all of which have wireless connectivity and Internet access via any broadband router.

LightwaveRF Heating Control OverviewClick above for full size version

The full range of LightwaveRF Heating controls will be available through retail and internet outlets from mid-summer 2014.

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5 Comments on "LightwaveRF Teases Smart Home Zoned Heating Control System"

  1. For those interested in pre-ordering and pricing

  2. Looks promising. I’ve not got much experience with LightwaveRF stuff but will it let you group the TRVs in to a zone, for example if a living room as 2 or 3 radiators, and then control all 3 as a single zone?

  3. Nice idea, but a) a bit late to the party, and b) I reckon about £800 quid to kit out a 4 bedroom house based on their prices on the site. so #expensive – shame they didnt go for low-hanging fruit first like discounted starter kits etc, this sector is so competitive , volume sales is what is needed to build up popularity – say £150 quid a set, not people spending a grand to kit their house out.

  4. I have invested in many LightwaveRF light switches and power sockets. I have not had many issues and find that generally the products integrate and work well. The quality is pretty good with recent smart phone apps a welcome update.
    The downside is that LightwaveRF are hopeless at keeping promises, this heating range has been promised for years.
    It seems to me that the market is just starting to offer decent home auto products. There’s a few switch of the boiler from a smart phone (British gas have one) offerings but what most want (well I do at least) is the ability to zone by having wireless radiator valves and this product range looks to offer just that.
    The Honeywell Evo home looks promising too but, like they all seem to do, it was pre announced and there was no stock last time I looked

  5. All the above and now that the details are begining to seep ot, it looks like I’d nee a new WiFi link as the new kit is different frequency and bi-directional. Sure it is backwards compatible, buta bit of a lurch. The cost is now beyond what I would pay to add to my system, so I’ll look elsewhere just now until they develop some sort of business plan. HOPELESS.

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