liGo Bluewave Review – House Phone to Mobile Phone Gateway

Here’s a gadget that may be useful if you live in one of those situations where there’s only decent mobile reception from a special place in the house.

With the liGo Bluewave Cellular Bluetooth Gateway  you can leave your mobile phone in that area where there is signal and then use a regular phone anywhere else around the house.  Your mobile will need to be located within around 5 meters of the liGo BlueWave to maintain the Bluetooth connection.

Maybe you’re one of those hip young things that doesn’t have a landline but would like the advantages of a DECT multiple handset system around your home.  The little unit (120x120x45mm) can be free standing or wall mounted and lets you connect your mobile phone to any normal house phone whether corded or wireless.  It has three Bluetooth connection buttons on top and pairing is a simple process of holding down onw of the buttons for around 6 seconds until it starts flashing (the pairing code is ‘0000’).

There’s a USB socket on that side that allows you to instal firmware updates and configure some of the more advanced options.  Currently the free XWizard software only supports Windows (XP and above) so no good for Mac or Linux users.

ligo Bluetooth

You can connect up to three different mobile phones to the system.  The until will always default to the unit on the lowest number for outgoing calls but you can select the other two ‘lines’ by using a series of keys on your phone.

You can also attach the system to your land line as well if you have one – meaning all calls, whether coming in on a land line or mobile can be answered from the one handset.

Pressing # # on your house phone will initiate the voice dial feature of your mobile phone if you need it.  Incoming calls are given different ring patterns depending on which of the 3 mobiles they came in on – useful if you have a work and personal mobile for example.

It looks like the system did also allow your home phone to conect to the Skype service but it appears this has been broken on recent Skype update, a fix is being worked out.

The liGo Bluewave available now for around £100.

ligo Bluetooth

Product Features

  • Connects up to three Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Works with any corded or cordless home phone
  • Plug-and-play: one touch activation
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

liGo Bluewave available now from Amazon   :

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1 Comment on "liGo Bluewave Review – House Phone to Mobile Phone Gateway"

  1. I arsked if the BlueWave will work without an active landline, this is the reply:-Lyndsey | liGo
    Sep 7, 19:51

    Dear David,

    Thank you for your email,

    No you require a phone line for the blue wave to work.

    I sore the following video on

    This clearly shows you don’t require an active landline for it to work. Also Ligo say no BT phone will work with the BlueWave!

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