Linn & Cala In New Intelligent Home Launch

Linn Products Ltd, the Scottish manufacturer and market leader of hi-fi, home cinema, and multi-room systems that integrate with automation, have teamed up with CALA, the leading luxury house builder, who have recently launched theeasylivinghome, arguably the most sophisticated ‘intelligent’ public demonstration home in the UK today.

The demonstration home, located at CALA’s Laighills development in Dunblane, Scotland, a joint venture under the banner CALA Evans Residential Limited, has been developed as a test bed for measuring consumer needs and expectations for the future. Visitor feedback on the individual high-tech elements will be used by CALA to inform the specification of future CALA homes.

Amongst other luxury features integrated in to the home, CALA have specified a top of the range Linn Knekt home entertainment and multi-room audio system, worth £40,000 in total. Like CALA Homes, Linn is committed to quality and all products are manufactured to the highest standard.

Ivor S Tiefenbrun MBE, Managing Director of Linn Products says “Discriminating people who want the most out of life apply high standards to their homes. We know that they want the best sound, the best pictures and they want their home entertainment to be reliable, simple and easy for all the family to use and enjoy. CALA Evans’ easy living concept demonstrates how entertainment can be seamlessly incorporated with other home automation into modern homes.”


Linn, a company widely regarded as the international benchmark for audio performance, has installed a top of the range home entertainment and multi-room system into theeasylivinghome.

The system comprises Linn’s Knekt multi-room system and its hard drive storage system, the Kivor.

Knekt – The multi-room system, the Knekt, is designed to simplify people’s lives by distributing music that is held in one central location around the home. Each room is fitted with a discreet Room Control Unit (RCU), giving easy control of the property’s audio system. From the RCU, the user can select the track or radio station and adjust the volume of the audio products, which are situated in the drawing room.

Kivor – Linn’s latest innovation, the Kivor, is an archival and retrieval system that can hold thousands of hours worth of full bandwidth music in one location, distributing audio throughout the home. The music is stored in an uncompressed format, ensuring Linn’s high quality sound is maintained. All users can simultaneously access the Kivor, ensuring they can always listen to their favourite piece of music wherever they are in the home.

Music is distributed to seven rooms in CALA Evans’ theeasylivinghome so Linn’s amazing sound quality can be enjoyed throughout the property:

The Family Room – The family room boasts a state-of-the-art home theatre system with Linn audio components and a Loewe Aconda television. Five speakers, located around the room, give the occupants the ultimate surround sound cinema experience in the comfort of their own home.

Kitchen – Cooks can sip a glass of wine and enjoy the sounds of a favourite album whilst cooking the evening meal. Like all the rooms in the system, control of the property’s audio facility is via an easy-to-use Room Control Unit (RCU).

Drawing Room – The drawing room is the heart of the Linn Knekt system, housing Linn’s high-tech Knekt Kivor. The Kivor can store the family’s entire CD collection on a hard drive system and distribute it around the home for all the family to enjoy.

The Master Bedroom – The Knekt system serves both the main bedroom and en-suite bathroom, so, from bed to bath, the homeowner won’t miss a beat. A Loewe Xelos TV provides a fabulous viewing experience from the comfort of the bed.

The system also supplies the study, bathroom and other three bedrooms in theeasylivinghome.

For further information on theeasylivinghome, visit Easy Living Home or telephone the customer reception on 01786 825490. theeasylivinghome at Laighills Walk, Dunblane, is open from 11.00am to 5.30pm, Thursday to Monday inclusive.

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