Linn Enhanced Kontrol Platform EKP and Vekto Network Translator

Las Vegas, January 2004 – A technology demonstrator shown in Las Vegas in January 2004 demonstrates the latest enhancement for Linn’s advanced range of multi-room control products – the forthcoming Enhanced Kontrol Platform (EKP) and VEKTO Network Translator.

In the last year, Linn have expanded their range of interfaces to address more basic control needs, however, the EKP software addresses the additional and extended control requirements of the most advanced and complex products from Linn, such as the KIVOR range of music library products.

The EKP controller is designed to offer an intuitive, portable control solution built to run on open platforms and provides fast and responsive access to entertainment equipment throughout a home. It allows the user control, visibility and simple direct access to enjoy their whole-home entertainment system fully.

The EKP provides comprehensive multi-zone control. Linn’s unique two-way product feedback can be displayed and exploited with the EKP, making a handheld unit unique and exceptionally easy to use…

The structure of the EKP software enables a wide choice of control options, for example, a PC, Webpad, Tablet PC, in fact any Windows XP device or Windows CE compatible devices, utilising Microsoft® remote desktop protocol. As the EKP can operate over wired and wireless (802.11b / Wi-Fi) networks, the chosen control device can be portable or fixed as desired. Multiple EKP control devices can be used in a system and an EKP can be used in the same room as a KNEKT RCU.

Control functions possible with EKP include the direct access to and control of any available source in any room from any room, browsing and playing a music collection, creating temporary playlists and obtaining track information where available.

These products are designed, created and manufactured by Linn in-house, so that they can be supported fully in the future. The products can evolve over time to encompass new technology and developments. Some updates can be made available to every EKP owner via a software download so that it can be upgraded quickly and easily on-site. The EKP is also an astonishingly installer-friendly product. No additional programming is required by the installer as the EKP is set-up automatically from the LINSTALL system configuration file.

Full control of the EKP is achieved using the VEKTO Network Translator. The VEKTO is a gateway device, designed and made by Linn, to convert TCP/IP to RC-5 commands, thus providing an interface between the EKP and KNEKT multi-room system. It is a small, discreet, reliable unit which can be hidden easily in a room, to provide control using the chosen handset for the EKP.

Since the launch of KNEKT in 1994 – the first high-quality multi-user multi-room system, new product innovations, such as the EKP and VEKTO, have ensured that the KNEKT position at the forefront of the industry in terms of multi-room audio distribution for quality and longevity is maintained and that Linn KNEKT customers can continue to be supported in this fast moving market.

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