Loxone​ ​Continues​ ​to​ ​Innovate​ ​with​ ​V9​ ​Software​ ​Release

Loxone v9

Austrian Smart Home specialist Loxone continue to grow and innovate. Today sees the latest v9.0 of their app and configuration software. 

Once again developed in-house at Loxone Basecamp, Kollerschlag, Version 9 incorporates both obvious and behind the scenes changes that provide improvements in usability, performance, and security for both the partners designing and configuring smart homes, as well as the home owners that use the app to interact with their system.

Loxone App on iPhoneThe most noticeable change to the Loxone app is the sleek, new UI that brings a more intuitive, streamlined experience for the user. The in-house software development team have collectively spent hundreds of hours perfecting the new app, all with a fine eye for detail, to ensure that the end-user has even more autonomy in their hands, as opposed to relying on their partner to make minor changes to aspects of their smart home. The redesigned app puts the most frequently used tasks at the user’s fingertips, giving them an overview of their house’s current status wherever they may be in relation to it.

The release of the newest software update includes improved lighting controls and features. A change from the previously coined term ‘scenes’ to new lighting ‘moods’ makes it even easier to change the whole atmosphere of a room. User Interface Settings give the app user even more control over customising their lighting without the need to contact their partner to do this. Existing installs can effortlessly be upgraded to Lighting Controller V2 which provides a whole host of new features, including the ‘mixing’ of lighting moods to add in accents without having to change the overall look and feel of a room.

Vast improvements have also been made to Loxone’s proprietary project configuration software, Loxone Config ., including further improvements to the Auto Configuration feature. Once the various devices have been ‘learned in’ in Loxone Config, a single click on the Auto Configure button takes care of creating the necessary function blocks that enable the features within the home automation system.

Project Validation is another fantastic new feature that allows installation partners to review their configuration and receive an overview which displays any errors or optimisations. The tool automatically carries out checks on various technical aspects following configuration in order to optimise performance and identify any problems before the installation goes live.

Available From Today

Version 9 of Loxone Smart Home OS, Config and the app will be available to all existing Loxone Partners and homeowners as updates (and will become the standard for all new installations) from today.

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