Loxone Announce New Miniserver Go Gen 2

loxone Miniserver Go Generation 2

The 4th and final announcement in this months busy release schedule from Loxone is the new second Generation Miniserver Go.

The updated Go (item 100336) now has 21 times the computing power of the first gen unit, as it gets the same CPU as its wired Miniserver brother.

In addition it now supports Remote Connect, so there’s no more need for port forwarding and it benefits from the security of SSL for connections.

Miniserver Go Gen. 2

The Miniserver Go is based on Loxone Air technology and that wireless flexibility makes it ideal for retrofits. It also boasts an on-board Loxone Link too…

…the functionality in an installation can be extended beyond Loxone Air thanks to the Loxone Link interface on the Miniserver Go – for the connection of up to 30 Extensions. This offers even more flexibility for the automation project you’re commissioning.

  • 21x more computing power
  • 3x greater Loxone Air transmission power
  • IPv4/IPv6 compatibility
  • HTTPS/SSL encryption
  • Loxone Air interface (up to 128 Air units)
  • Loxone Link interface (up to 30 extensions)


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