Loxone Reveal New NFC Code Touch & Touch Surface Smart Home Controls

Loxone NFC Code Touch

Loxone have added 2 brand new smart home products to their range.

The Touch Surface is five-point capacitive touch pad that can be mounted underneath or behind surfaces / hard furnishings etc. It follows the same principle as the Loxone Touch switches so it can be used to control lighting, blinds, music etc.

The NFC Code Touch is a key code touch pad with integrated NFC functionality. Check out the full PR and the photos below.

Loxone Touch Surface

Touch Surface

The Touch Surface is a five-point capacitive touch pad that can be mounted underneath or behind surfaces. This innovative product, based on the Loxone ‘switch standard’, allows a user to control multiple aspects of their smart home such as lighting, blinds and music, all from one switch.

The Touch Surface is designed to be installed behind or underneath non-conductive surfaces in the home such as stone, wood, ceramics and glass. It has been designed to offer a homeowners a discreet control option for a variety of applications.

Loxone Touch Surface

LED status lights, audible click feedback and an ‘activation’ touch point to prevent unintentional clicks all contribute to the sheer ingenuity of this product. Installation is effortless, thanks to the supplied adhesive decal and milling template.

The Touch Surface is available as both a wired and wireless product, within the Loxone Tree and Air ranges, respectively, which makes it an ideal choice for both new and retrofit smart home projects.


NFC Code Touch

Sharing a similar, sleek housing design to Loxone’s Touch Pure, the NFC Code Touch combines a numerical keypad and innovative NFC technology to form the perfect access control solution. NFC stickers, keyfobs and compatible smartphones can be used to conveniently open doors and gates or to disarm the alarm with just a simple tap.

Furthermore, Loxone’s NFC stickers meet strict AES encryption standards, ensuring maximum data security. For users who prefer to use a code to access their smart home, the NFC Code Touch allows for great flexibility; each member of the family can have their own personalised code, and different codes can also be assigned to various functions, such as opening the garage door.

Loxone NFC Code Touch

Additionally, time-bound and one-off codes can be generated from within the Loxone app to grant short-term access to tradespeople, cleaners or delivery drivers without compromising existing codes. Thanks to its UV-resistant and splashproof housing, the NFC Code Touch is ideal for mounting outdoors.


The Loxone Touch Surface is available from today, on the Loxone webshop, in both the Loxone Tree and Air variations at £168 and £180 (inc. VAT) respectively.

The NFC Code Touch will be available in December, in white and anthracite grey. There will be Tree, Air and for Nano variations.

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