Marmitek BoomBoom 152 Bluetooth Music Receiver

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Marmitek’s ever expanding catalogue of useful devices for your digital home gets another new addition this week with the launch of the BoomBoom 152 Bluetooth Music Receiver.

The unit employs a similar set-up to many ceiling speakers, using a single mid/bass driver along with 2 horizontally opposed tweeters to give a stereo image. Its built in rechargeable batteries give up to 8 hours service and at under £50 it’s an inexpensive way to free the music on your smartphone or tablet…

BoomBoom 152 Rear“NEW! Marmitek BoomBoom 152 wireless speaker for iPhone and iPad – Is all of your favourite music stored on your iPhone or iPad? Well, you can now share this music with others wherever and whenever you want! The BoomBoom 152 is a portable speaker that can be connected wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad. As a result, you can play your favourite music on the beach, in the park, at your friends’ place or anywhere else with unparalleled sound quality compared to the built-in speakers of your iPhone or iPad.

One speaker creates a perfect stereo effect! This is the result of the two, perfectly placed, tweeters that provide excellent sound quality with clear high and mid frequencies. In addition, the subtly hidden but very effective 20cm bass port provides rich and deep low tones. The built-in, rechargeable battery provides you with up to eight hours of music if you do not have access to an electrical socket.

Price and availability – The BoomBoom 152 is white and is available now for just € 49.95. Would you prefer black? Then go for the BoomBoom 150 that is available for the same price.”

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