Marmitek Digital TV Anywhere Beams Telly Wirelessly Round the Home

The new Marmitek Digital TV Anywhere set comprises a transmitter and a receiver pair. Connect the transmitter to the SCART output on your Freeview / Sky / Other set-top box, then connect the receiver to a TV somewhere else in the house. Then the picture, sound and IR commands from your remote control are sent wirelessly between the two. The £149 system is available now, check out the video after the jump.

Watch digital TV anywhere in the house – Do you watch digital TV? Would you like to watch it on a second TV in your house but do not have the COAX connection for your decoder? You can solve this problem with the new Marmitek Digital TV Anywhere. This allows you to watch TV wherever you like, regardless of where the decoder is located!

The introduction of the Digital TV Anywhere finally provides an affordable solution for connecting your TV remotely and wirelessly to your decoder or satellite receiver while retaining picture and sound quality. Unique, digital technology means that the wireless connection is 100% free from interruptions. And, unless you live in a castle or under a radio/TV mast, Marmitek guarantees signal transmission throughout the house without any loss of quality!

The Digital TV Anywhere works perfectly with all SD digital TV decoders from cable suppliers and satellite and IPTV. For example BT Vision, Freesat, Freeview, Sky TV and Virgin.  The ideal solution if…

  • You want to place your TV wherever you want, without having to consider the location of the aerial or satellite connection;
  • The Homeplug A/V solution that is provided by the digital TV provider does not work (effectively);
  • You are transferring to a new TV provider with all of the corresponding technological changes (e.g. from COAX to IP, without having to install a network cable [UTP, CAT5/CAT6]).Digital wireless sender for all your Digital TV Channels

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The advantages

  • No COAX connection required to the TV;
  • No need to lay cables or drill holes;
  • Guaranteed range throughout the house;
  • No loss of quality due to digital transfer.

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  1. The Marmitek Digital TV Anywhere has no S-VHS input. So, the image quality is inferior to the Marmitek 745 which does has a S-VHS input. I know this for sure, because I have both devices. I wonder why Marmitek makes a new product which has worse specs then their older products? (Marmitek 745)

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