Marmitek Introduces Remote Control 3D HMDI Switcher

marmitek hdmi 3d switcher

The new Marmitek Connect420 connects up to 5 HDMI devices to your TV and supports full 1080p 3D as well as traditional 2D setups.  The unit can switch automatically based on source or with included remote control and the metal casing means the switcher is free from any interference.  It's available now for around £90.

3D HDMI Switcher – The Marmitek Connect420 allows you to connect up to 5 HDMI devices to your TV with just 1 cable. This prevents a mess of cables under your TV and provides a solution if your TV does not have sufficient HDMI ports.  The Connect420, of course, also supports other standards such as DVI, HDCP, CEC, Lipsync, EDID standards, Deep Color (36bit), x.v. Color and Dolby True HD & DTS HD in addition to 3D. The active switcher is also interruption-free as a result of solid metal, interference-free, top quality housing.

Whether we are talking TV channels, games, YouTube videos, Blu-ray disks or on-demand films, it is clear to see that 3D content is emerging as a significant force. And this does not just mean 2D optimized, but full 3D too. A/V equipment :-

  • With Sony’s PS3-firmware-update 3.5 last fall, 38 million A/V devices became 3D suitable in one fell swoop.
  • Blu-ray players are increasingly fitted with a network connection, allowing you to easily obtain 3D online content.
  • HD decoders now often provide the option of watching 3D films on demand.

TVs – Plenty of manufacturers offer 3D TVs, fitted with powerful software that can process double images.  Why watch 3D? 3D creates a cinema experience at home when watching a film; it ensures a more intense experience when gaming and really makes you feel as if you are sitting in the stadium during a sporting competition. Watching TV becomes a genuine experience.

If you wish to continue to enjoy these 3D options, now or in the future, be prepared for these developments and buy a 3D Switcher for future-proof aesthetics in your living room. The Connect420 features full HD 5 input / 1 output HDMI Switcher with 3D support…

  • Only one cable to your TV screen! Switch between the HDMI devices connected.
  • Suitable for connecting 5 HDMI sources to your TV simultaneously. You just need 1 HDMI input and you never have to switch cables again.
  • For connecting a game console like PlayStation and Xbox, Blu-ray Player, satellite receiver and all other HDMI devices.
  • Suitable for Full HD 1080p and all 3D formats.
  • With built-in repeater and equalizer for correcting any possible loss of signal, so you can connect up to 15 metres of HDMI cable to the output.
  • Switches automatically and/or with remote control.
  • Free of interference because of the solid metal casing.

The Marmitek Connect420 is available now and has a recommended retail price of € 99.95/ GBP 89.95 incl. VAT. : Buy now on Amazon

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  1. Good product for those with more sources than inputs (which, as time goes by, will inevitably by all of us.)

    Does anyone know if this can be controlled by a Philips Pronto or similar?

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