Marmitek Launch new Wireless IR Repeater System

PowerMid XS

It’s one of the oldest problems, how do you control the satellite receiver, set-top box, dvd player or whatever source that’s in one room, from another. Marmitek have the answer with their recently launched PowermidXS IR – RF – IR system.

“The Powermid XL, often called ‘the pyramid ’, the first product Marmitek introduced about 10 years ago, proved to be an unstoppable success. During the 10 years that followed, Marmitek kept very busy with the continuous development of this product. Technically the product has seen some quality improvements, but as far as looks the product always stayed the same.

Today the Powermid XL had a baby sister; the PowermidXS. The same functionality (wireless sending of infrared signals to other rooms) and quality, only smaller and with an RF transmitter that can be placed wherever you want because it is battery operated.”

Marmitek IR   :

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