Marmitek MegaView70


Marmitek have announced the successor to its Megavideo55. The brand new Megaview70 is a stereo modulator with infrared return channel.

Connect the A/V source of your choice (for example a DVD player) to the MegaView70.  It creates an additional TV channel and distributes it around your home on the existing coax cable network. You can also control the source equiment via the built-in IR distribution system along the same cable…

  • Digital selector with display.
  • Use of multiple IR receivers in different rooms.
  • Optional 56 kHz IR receiver available for A/V devices with alternative IR frequency.
  • F-type connectors for better signal distribution (IEC adapters also supplied).
  • Two antenna outputs (1 x to TV, 1 x to antenna network). No additional splitter needed.
  • Scart in- ánd output. No additional scart-splitter needed.
  • Metal casing against outside interference.
  • Modulator can be switched off using the infrared returnchannel.
  • Supports PAL B/G and PAL I television systems.

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  1. Shame that it has that gap between VHF and UHF for its available outputs – around here thats the only place that doesnt have channels on it and a filter is rather low cost for that, vs a single channel filter which is heaps to buy.

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