Melloware Intelliremote 2 Controls Apps with MCE Remote

 Melloware Intelliremote 2

Melloware Intelliremote 2 is a Windows (98/NT/2K/XP,Vista) program that gives you control of many windows apps – think iTunes, VLC, GOM Player, Windows Media Player etc – all from your MCE remote.  Many other remotes are supported too (including X10).  Check it out.

“Intelliremote is a software program that unlocks the true potential of your Creative Soundblaster or Microsoft MediaCenter Edition (MCE) remote controls. Creative and Microsoft had an excellent idea bundling an infrared remote control with their products…it’s just to bad the software doesn’t even do what you want it to do!

Intelliremote is roughly 900K in size, and it packs the punch of Microsoft’s Intellitype instructions. So any application can be controlled with the IR remote that “listens” for Intellitype messages such as ITunes, Winamp, MediaPortal, SesamTV, Foobar2000, BSPlayer, VLC, GOM Player, Media Player Classic, Zoomplayer, and many more! Each remote key can be assigned to an instruction, a mouse event, application event, or even a windows automation script.

Intelliremote is Shareware available for a 15$ donation.”

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