More New Z-Wave Modules for UK and Europe

 Everspring Z-Wave PIR

Here’s another teasing release on new UK Z-Wave modules, this time from the Taiwanese, Everspring Industry.  Promised for release in Europe “during the next few months”, the new units promise “low-cost home automation” and the initial products include a plugin dimmer and on/off switch, a PIR plus magnetic door and window sensors.

“Everspring is the first Far East vendor to enter the EU market for home control products based on the international Z-Wave standard. With AD130 the company introduces a dimmer system for conveniently operating all lighting in the house, and includes the ability to adjust the levels of illumination, for example in children’s rooms or in corridors or in the sitting-room when watching television. Thanks to the interoperability of all Z-Wave products, the dimmer systems can also be controlled and operated via Z-Wave based remote controls from third-party vendors such as Logitech, Monster, Intermatic, Sirius and so on.

The on/off modules of the AN 135 product line provide for the convenient operation, via remote or directly through the module, provide for module, of devices that previously could only be manually switched on or off. In addition to the convenience it can also increase comfort and reduce energy consumption as devices in stand-by mode can be independently switched off with one single key stroke where ever they are in the house.

Everspring Z-Wave Module

The battery-driven PIR sensors of the SP103 product line substantially increases security and comfort within houses and flats. These movement sensors equipped with Z-Wave technology can, for instance, always automatically switch lights on and off.  The movement sensors can be additionally connected to alarm systems triggering via Z-Wave complete partial alarms (silent alarm), comprehensive alarms or also a number of alarm processes (switching on the lighting, locking doors or windows, alerting the security staff or police). The sensors can be used in-house or outdoors.

Combined with the magnetic door/windows sensors of Everspring´s SM103 product line, also equipped with Z-Wave, user security convenience can be further increased. These window-attached sensors can, for example, trigger alarms or switch heating or air conditioning on and off should a window be open or closed. The sensors also provide for the monitoring of the closure of all windows leaving the house or flat empty.

Everspring Z-Wave Module

All Everspring devices are compatible with the products of other companies   within the Z-Wave Alliance such as Merten, Danfoss, Logitech, Monster, Innovus, or ACT etc. – all use the Z-Wave standard in their solutions. More than 170 Z-Wave based products are currently already available in the international market.”

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