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Submission by Adam Courtney

Whilst on the subject of web based sensor devices I`ve been buying these “netbotz” for a while now, they are useful for monitoring remote computer rooms but obviously I`d love one in my node 0 etc.

All NetBotz environment-monitoring appliances include the following features… -Completely self-contained and Web-accessible
-Integrated temperature, humidity, and air flow sensors to monitor the environment
-Integrated audio sensor notifies you of audio alerts (such as smoke alarms, intrusion detection devices)
-Door switch sensor notifies you when the room or server cabinet is accessed
-External sensor ports support sensors for amperage and external temperature, and third-party dry contact sensors for water, glass-break, UPS alert ports, and more
-Alerts are sent using E-mail and SNMP traps when any monitored environmental condition goes outside of a user-specified range
-Alerts and sensor data can be posted to web servers using built-in HTTP post support, and can be forwarded to other systems using FTP posting
-Built-in camera enables you to easily view the condition of equipment via web interface, and also automatically captures images of the room whenever a door to the room is opened, or optionally when motion is detected
-SNMP compliant. NetBotz appliances are manageable objects that can be used with your existing SNMP-based network management system
-Capable of running NetBotz value-add software applications

Wall Mounted

Rack Mounted

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