Motorola Homesight Wireless Easy Start Kit

“Motorola’s new Homesight Wireless Easy Start kit is under £100 and available now…

Stay in touch with the important things in life with our affordable, custom-tailored monitoring, security and control system. The homesight system allows you to see what’s happening at home any time. From home, at work, even on vacation, you can keep a watchful eye on what matters most.

o Watch and hear your baby from the kitchen
o Know when your kids get home from school – while you’re still at work
o Receive an alert when windows and doors are opened or closed
o Monitor temperature levels and water leaks in your home*
o Get real-time notifications if something unexpected occurs

Using your broadband Internet connection, the homesight system keeps you connected to your home and family through your PC or compatible cell phone.** If there’s a problem when you’re away, the system will alert you – and up to 7 other people that you designate..

When you’re on the go, you’ll receive text message alerts and still images on your cell phone. From at home or the office, you can view real-time color video clips and still images on your PC. The system will also record events while you’re out so you can review color video clips with sound or still images when you retourn home.o

Your system starts here with the Motorola Wireless Easy Start Kit. This kit provides hardware and software to install a homesight system yourself – in just 30 minutes. And because it’s wireless, there’s no holes to drill or wires to run. Program the wireless camera to record activity at timed intervals or when motion is detected. Program the door/window sensor to recognize the opening or closing of entry points and to trigger cameras for recording.

Then, you can further customize your system to fit your lifestyle with optional accessories, including additional cameras, a Wireless Temperature Sensor, Wireless Power Controller, and more. Whatever options you choose, the homesight system gives you peace of mind, all the time.

* Optional accessory required.

** Mobile phone with text/picture messaging required for mobile remote notification. (Wireless subscription and network support required. Normal air and/or carrier usage charges apply.) Customize your system and expand your monitoring capabilities by adding other optional accessories:

  • Wired Camera
  • Wireless Camera – Day
  • Wireless Camera – Day/Night
  • Wireless Motion Sensor
  • Wireless Door/Window Sensor
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • Wireless Water Sensor
  • Wireless Repeater
  • Wireless Siren
  • Wireless Power Controller
  • Wireless Keypad Kit
  • Wireless Keypad Keys”

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