myhome247 Launch Home Security, Monitoring and Control Kit


myhome247 have just launched their new 24/7 home surveillance system.  The kits start at £250 (plus £5.95 per month) and provide home security and control, with one button setup, secure remote monitoring and support for Windows, Mac and Linux-based web browser.

“24/7 home security, monitoring and control is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous, thanks to the launch of a simple to use, affordable and reliable surveillance Starter Kit from myhome247. Comprising an XG1000 System Controller, discreet Panasonic BL-C1 Network Camera and a Door/Window Contact, the home owner can now easily view their protected premises remotely, either from their mobile phone, or an internet enabled PC or Laptop. The myhome247 starter kit costs just £249.99.

To provide 24hour security, the Starter Kit’s wireless sensors can be set to raise audible alarms, or interact with other devices (such as turning on a light) while real-time alerts to security breaches can be received instantly via email. The myhome247 Starter Kit can be set up to send email alerts up to eight different addresses when abnormal activity is detected in response to whatever rules (or macros) the user has set. In addition, text message alert bundles can be purchased separately to allow instant notification of unauthorised activity via text message.

The Starter Kit makes it easy to monitor the property too from wherever you are in the world.  The user can view exactly what’s happening from their mobile phone by viewing live video or can look at the time and date stamped archive of captured events including play back of recorded video clips. This allows the user to instantly see what is happening in their homes and alleviates false alarms. Critically, the captured images/video clips & data are saved remotely to a hosted secure server, which means that any unauthorised intruder cannot corrupt the device the images are stored on.

In addition to providing secure and monitoring functionality, the myhome247 range of accessories  provide home owners with the ability to control their home’s comfort features from the same easy-to-use platform. The thermostat is ideal for home owners on holiday, or for those working long hours, as the temperature of the central heating (or air conditioning) can be controlled from your mobile phone. A clever power controller can control any electrical appliance such as a lamp, giving the appearance of activity within the home, but can also be utilised to link audio visual devices to eliminate the need for energy-consuming standby modes.


As well as a simple on/off button, the power controller can be set up with independent daily time schedules making it much more advanced than your average plug timer or standby button. The system can also incorporate special sensors that can detect the presence of water, thus acting as an early flood warning system for basement flats or utility rooms with plumbing problems, or temperature which can be used to monitor the temperature of anything from your baby’s nursery to your tropical fish tank!

To underpin this comprehensive functionality, the Starter Kit uses secure wireless technology in the gateway, allowing it to communicate with all the peripheral monitoring devices. The network cameras can be used with Ethernet over Power modules to eliminate the need for network cabling within the home making the system extremely easy to install.

A web-based set up utility auto-discovers all components. All a user needs is a live ADSL / DSL connection and two spare ports on their Internet router for the myhome247 gateway and Panasonic BL-C1 camera to operate. Furthermore, unlike competitor systems, the system does not need a static IP address, making it easy to set up; users only need basic computing skills to have the Starter Kit up and running with a matter of minutes.

Jayne Van Rensburg, Director of Mysecurity247 Ltd. said: “Security systems that provide remote monitoring are traditionally expensive to buy and install and don’t allow the end user to actually see what is happening in their home. This new system is extremely easy to set up and is very affordable.  Also the fact that it is a modular system allows the end user flexibility to add a variety of devices and have full control over the system to suit their needs. Importantly, it does not need a PC to be constantly switched on and can support PC, Mac and Linux browsers in operation. But really the main feature is the instant access right into your home directly from your mobile, keeping you protected and connected 24/7.”

Pricing and availability
The myhome247 starter kit comprises the XG1000 System Controller a Panasonic BL-C1 Network Camera and a Door/Window Contact Sensor. The starter kits costs £249.99 with a nominal £5.95 per month fee for a 5Mb storage capacity and a variety of text message alert bundles are available from just £3.75.”

All products and surveillance services are available from

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  1. Correction: This system now comes with a free 5MB full functionality remote monitoring account available in PC world and on-line ranging from £199.99- £249.99inc vat.

  2. Cool product from panasonic.

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