Nabaztag WiFi Rabbit

Nabaztag can move its ears, light up in hundreds of colours, play music and even speak! It will inform you of the weather, air quality, traffic, stocks, email arrivals or tell you stories…but that’s not all.

Your parents and friends can make Nabaztag work from a distance, via SMS or email by sending your messages that mill it danse, move, sing or speak. All Nabaztag needs is permanent WiFi and its off! Nabaztag is compatible with both PC and Mac computers and configuration is entirely web-based and requires no platform-specific software (Available Here)  The Nabaztag WiFi Rabbit has been around for a while, but one of the first UK reviews has appeared in the current issue of Computer Shopper magazine…

“The Nabaztag stands just over half-a-foot tall, has rotating ears and is the world’s first WiFi rabbit. Once he’s connected to your wireless network, he’ll read the time, tell you the weather, play music and receive messages. Nabaztag is a stunning-looking bit of kit that had the whole Shopper team crowding round to see him spring to life and say his first words. Unfortunately, it took a while to get working…

Buy a Nabaztag WiFi Rabbit Here   :   Computer Shopper Review

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