New 4 Bay Mini-ITX Hot Swap Case Brings Home Server Heaven

LinITX Mini Nas Case

The guys over at have introduced a new Mini-ITX NAS/Server Case with 4 Hot Swap 3.5″ SATA drive bays.  The bare chassis is around £100 and is ideal for a home server/nas with a potentially huge capacity for all your media.

There’s an internal 2.5″ drive bay too for your OS and LinITX have a recommended dual core Atom board to go along with the case to provide great performance and low power consumption.

“The CFI A7879 Mini NAS Server Case is an affordable Small NAS Server / Home Server Case for Mini-ITX motherboards. The CFI A7879 combines the advantage of functionality and small form factor which is capable of high capacity storage combined with quiet, low power performance. The four hot swap hard drive trays with the included backplane are specially designed to support AHCI (NCQ) and RAID functions from your Mini-ITX motherboard.

The hot-swap drive bays are hidden behind the hinged front panel of the A7879 giving it an “appliance” type design rather than a standard PC. A 2.5″ Hard Drive can also be installed internally for your OS to run on if you wish all 4 3.5″ drives to be for data storage. (A power splitter/adapter cable will be required for the extra power feed for this drive). You could alternatively use our Dual 2.5″ SATA HDD PCI Mounting Card to add in extra drives if you are not using the PCI expansion slot on your mainboard.”

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  • Case Dimensions: 7.88″(W) x 9.85″(H) x 11.82″(D)
  • Power Supply:
  • o 200W Internal FlexATX Power Supply w/US Power Cord
  • o 20/24-pin ATX Power Connector
  • o 4-pin 12V-P4 Power Connector
  • o 2 x Molex Power connectors for SATA Backplane
  • Chassis Cooling: 1 x 120mm Rear Cooling Fan
  • Expansion Slot: 1 x Standard Height PCI Expansion Slot
  • Drive Bays:
  • o 4 x 3.5″ Removable SATA-II Drive Trays w/backplane – Backplane supports AHCI (NCQ) and RAID function
  • o 1 x Internal 2.5″ HDD Mounting Bracket
  • Front Panel:
  • o 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • o Power On/Off Button
  • o Power and HDD Activities LED

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4 Comments on "New 4 Bay Mini-ITX Hot Swap Case Brings Home Server Heaven"

  1. interesting – alternatives might include a Drobo & a Promise SmartStor – wonder how they might compare, for speed & reliability & all-up cost ?

  2. llaurén | August 5, 2010 at 9:51 pm |

    What’s a little more depressing s when you fill it up:

    134€ Case
    119€ Mobo
    60€ RAM (2GB stick)
    50€ SATA board /4-way
    53€ Boot disk (320GB 2.5″)
    404€ Storage disks (4 * 1.5T 3.5″)
    3€ power cable splitter
    27€ Shipping to EU
    934€ Total (US$1221,UK£732)

    What began asa hundred quid box…

  3. Why not order something else that’s in the UK instead of paying to bring it over the pond?

    In addition, do you really need a “boot disk” as such? You can do it from a cheap USB stick – afterall, you’d use such a case for NAS/home server type of stuff that’s usually based on Linux/BSD flavours, which are free.

    I’m sure you can find cheaper drives also.

  4. Zed Zee – LinITX are in the UK.

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