New 8×8 Matrix Video Distribution System

Here’s a new 8×8 video matrix switcher. Feed all your AV sources (DVD Player, MEdia Extenders, CCTV, PVR etc) into this hub and then distribute its composite output to 8 different zones via CAT5 cable. Prices from around £700…

“The ZONEswitch is an 8 input to 8 output audio/visual full matrix switch for multi-room entertainment systems, allowing the connection of any input source to any or all viewing/listening zones simultaneously. The ZONEswitch consists of a central switching hub to which all local or remote signal sources are connected. Zone receiver kits, which are sited at viewing rooms, also connected to the central hub via CAT5, CAT5E or CAT6 twisted-pair cabling. All zone receiver kits together with CCTV cameras are powered down the cable from the central hub thus eliminating the need for additional power supplies.

Input sources may be audio/video (e.g. DVD, Sky™ Digibox, Freeview decoder etc.), audio only (e.g. Hi-fi) or camera (e.g. CCTV camera with or without PIR or audio.)

Signal selection can be controlled by either a hand-held infrared remote controller at the display zone or via the RS232 serial port at the control hub e.g. Crestron™. Full function control of the source is achieved by using the original source infrared remote control or a multi-device infrared controller (e.g. Harmony™ or Pronto™.) A wideband infrared return path is used permitting the control of non-38kHz sources such as Bang & Olufson™ and cable boxes.

An in-built password protected web browser interface is provided to allow installers and end users to configure the system”    [Via:]

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