New AlertMe Energy Colour Display, Reduced Prices Plus iPhone App

AlertMe iPhone App

UPDATED – New Images Added.  AlertMe have announced  a raft of new new home energy management products and services.  Perhaps most interestingly a new Energy Starter Kit including a previously un-seen Colour Display unit at £49.99 (whilst reducing the price of the kit without the display to just £29.99).  In addition the mobile optimised website is being augmented with a ‘proper’ iPhone app too.  Read on for the full PR.

“New colour in home display, new online user interface and a range of applications & services – AlertMe, the consumer home energy management company, today announces its new product and services rolling out from July 2010.

Following the launch of its Web enabled Energy Starter Kit at £49.99 earlier this year; AlertMe announces that from July, the Energy Starter Kit will now include a colour in home display for the same price. The company is also introducing an online only Energy Kit for £29.99 making home energy monitoring even more accessible.

Launching also in July is a new version of the AlertMe real-time online user interface. The new UI, also available as an iPhone App, will provide even more insight into the consumer’s energy use as well as delivering a personal carbon footprint for their home energy, spend and cost predictions, smart analytics to profile their home devices and appliances without the use of Smart Plugs and a range of personalized tips and recommendations.

New Products

  • New Energy Starter Kit with Colour In Home Display £49.99 and without Colour In Home Display £29.99.

New Services and Applications

  • Energy spend & cost prediction per hour/day/week/quarter.
  • Real time carbon footprint.
  • Smart Analytics to profile which appliances and devices are using electricity and where to save.
  • Appliance monitoring and remote control.
  • Personal targets and benchmarking to save energy.
  • Meter Pal, a single input for all of meter readings, electricity and Gas, Water.
  • Appliance Advisor – recommendations on energy efficient appliances with payback.

AlertMe is the only company in the UK to provide customers with a full and rich real-time view of the user’s energy consumption and cost wherever they are on the internet and on their smart phone. In addition to monitoring it also offers remote control of electrical devices using Smart Plugs which can be switched on and off remotely from the user’s online account as well as heating control and home security.

As the first partner for Google PowerMeter in Europe, AlertMe’s customers who wish to see a lighter-touch view of their daily use can also opt to link their AlertMe service with PowerMeter and add the simple graphical display to their iGoogle page.

AlertMe Colour Display
First Image of the New Colour Display

Home Energy Management for consumers is a relatively new area, but it is widely accepted that by giving consumers visibility of their home energy use and cost they can achieve savings of between 15% and 25% on their energy bills by identifying waste and more efficient ways to use their home appliances. For example; the Energy Saving Trust estimates that we waste electricity to the tune of over £900 million a year through appliances left on standby.” : Buy a MeterOther Home Power Monitoring Alertnatives
AlertMe Energy Review : AlertMe Home Security System Review


AlertMe iPhone App
HiRes Image of the iPhone App

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4 Comments on "New AlertMe Energy Colour Display, Reduced Prices Plus iPhone App"

  1. “Meter Pal, a single input for all of meter readings, electricity and Gas, Water” sounds very interesting, I wonder what we will be able to do with it? Something I have thought about recently is trying to mod the clamp to count the pulses from both my gas and electricity meter.

    Maybe this will be the answer?

  2. Im not keen on all these inaccurate systems being used as source data for shared stuff like google power meter.

    If you cant get an accurate wattage allowing for voltage shifts and power factor then dont publish it to the web IMO.

  3. Is it just me or do other people think these things are still too expensive to invest in?

  4. mbuckhurst | June 3, 2010 at 1:14 pm |

    Depends how seriously you pay attention to what the meter is saying, over the last few weeks I’ve halved my consumption of electricity simply by paying attention to the meter and turning appliances off and noting the effect over time, I’ve more than covered the cost of the current cost meter I’ve been using in the first months savings alone. Due to the 24 hr, 7 day and 30 day consumption figures, you get a very good idea of the trend, presumably Google Powermeter would provide this info.

    Ok, the data is inaccurate, for me it’s around 1-2 Kw out per day, this doesn’t matter as it’s the trends that you need to watch.

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