New Angle on Home Networking Solutions

Press release just received from In Touch Technologies…

“Multimessage and distributor In Touch Technologies announce the launch of the M400 Home
Communication Centre range as one of the most complete home networking and entertainment solutions available in the industry.

Available in both system and modular form, the M400 is a hybrid based system using both CAT5e and Coax
cable. This system has been designed from the ground up to be a true residential system rather than an evolution from a commercial solution. Starting with the unique, built in power distribution panel from which each module is powered, leaving just a single external 230v feed to connect to a switched fused spur. Other modules include an amazing 2×10 PBX with music on hold, 8 Way 10/100 Ethernet Switch, ADSL Modem, Audio distribution panel and 1×8 TV Amp with three built in modulators, all of which fit directly into the cabinet with minimum fuss and complication… For further details please contact:-

In Touch Technologies (UK) Ltd
11b Akeman Business Park
Akeman Street
HP23 6AF
0845 644 2401
0854 644 2403
[email protected]   :

About Multimessage Systems
Formed in 1989, Multimessage Systems has established a reputation for the design and manufacture of innovative and high performance digital voice announcers. It has also developed a range of small PABX systems to satisfy the unique needs of customers.
A commitment to research and development, based on sound and proven engineering expertise, has been a
key factor in the successful growth of the company. This has been reflected in a customer base that includes
Government departments, major clearing banks, cinema chains and utility companies.
Multimessage Systems also has comprehensively equipped on-site repair facilities and can handle a wide
range of telecommunications and other equipment. This includes production facilities and small batch
production including surface mount assembly.

About In Touch Technologies
Launched in 2003, In Touch Technologies is a growing, specialist trade distributor of Home Networking, Communication and Control systems for both installer and developer markets. Committed to a strong technical knowledge and support of our products, In Touch Technologies offers an
unrivalled range of both technical and value driven solutions to meet any project specification or requirement. Offering solutions for development wide projects in addition to individual properties, including digital Door Entry / Access Control systems and TV and Sky (IRS) distribution designs. Our support to the industry and installers includes Test Equipment rental, Published Magazine articles, Forum support, Exhibition seminars and active membership of our trade association (CEDIA).


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