New Complete Control MX-950 Aurora Remote

The Net’s home of all things remote, has just released another of their in-depth reviews. This time look at the new Complete Control MX-950 Aurora…

Big home theater system? Need a hard buttoned remote with more oomph than the Home Theater Master MX-800? Don’t particularly want a LCD touchscreen model? If this sounds like you, then Universal Remote Control Inc. thinks they have the perfect solution to your high-end remote dilemma with the sophisticated, PC-programmable Complete Control MX-950 Aurora.

As URC’s top-of-the-line hard buttoned universal remote, the MX-950 blends the simple, easy-to-use concept of their earlier MX series of remotes (MX-500 through MX-850) with the advanced capabilities of the color touchscreen MX-3000. The PC-programmable Aurora can operate up to 255 devices and sports a graphical LCD screen for custom button labeling, multi-color backlighting, USB interface, audio playback, unlimited macros with variable support, pickup sensor, optional RF basestation, plus a whole slew of advanced programming capabilities.

To start off the new year with a bang I’m very pleased today to present our complete review of the MX-950. As usual the review is packed with details and choc full of photos and screenshots – you may even find it useful as a quick crash course in MX-950 Editor!”


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