New Dyson Lightcycle Lamp Adjusts for Daylight, Age, Tasks & Lasts 60 Years

Dyson Lightcycle

Are Dyson vying to become the Apple of the UK? Long known for fancy vacuum cleaners, their design studios have been branching out into other products that utilise their digital motor tech like hair driers and even electric cars.

The latest Dyson release is called Lightcycle and it’s a tasklight that mimics the colour temperature and brightness of your local daylight. As well as these time of day adjustments the lamp can also be set to match your tasks and, as apparently old eyes need up to 4x more light, so it can adjust for your age too. The base stand incorporates a USB-C socket for charging duties.

You can tap and stroke the capacitive touch panel on top of the lamp and as with all ‘smart’ tech these days, there’s an app for your phone to control it all too.

Dyson Lightcycle - Inside

Lamp brightness is rated at more than 1,000 lux and heat pipe cooling technology, similar to that found in your laptop, is used to extend the life up to a claimed 60 years.

As you’ve come to expect from Dyson, prices are top end. The smaller table top unit is £450, while the floor-standing version is £650 and both lamps are available in either white or silver. Check out the link below for more info.

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  1. ‘Dyson’s digital motor tech’, otherwise known as a motor.

    I don’t know enough yet about the lamp to make any informed comment on that.

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