New e-Domotica Z-Wave Home Automation Kit Launched


The launch of new Z-Wave wireless smart home devices continues unabated and seems to be turning into an almost daily occurrence.  This time the new goodies are from Eminent who are revealing their e-Domotica home control range.

“The manufacturer Eminent will be presenting its e-Domotica home control series of appliances at the Z-Wave Alliance stand at CeBIT. All the products in this series, including motion detectors, cameras, switches and dimmers can be connected to each other via Z-Wave and Wi-Fi and are centrally controlled from the e-Centre unit. This allows users to create a personalised home automation and security network. One particularly notable feature is the system’s video surveillance function: when the user is out of the house he can access the video monitor over the Internet to keep an eye on things back home.

To install e-Domotica in their Z-Wave home network, all users require is Internet access via cable or ADSL. The e-Centre control unit is the core element of the product series, since it enables users to conveniently manage all connected devices centrally via wireless. The required menu – “turn on/off”, “alarm system”, “video monitoring“ or “energy saving” is selected on a touch screen.

Security is a top priority – When a user leaves his home for example, he simply activates any installed security systems, including video surveillance over the “alarm system” menu. Thanks to e-Domotica’s Internet connection, home owners can also watch live images from the camera on their PC and web browser when they’re out of the house. In the event of a burglary, fire or similar emergency, the e-Centre alerts the user via e-mail, text message or phone call, enabling him to respond quickly. In the meantime the camera records everything that is going on and saves all the images on the e-Domotica service centre’s secure, external server.

Linking various devices using scenarios – In addition to its monitoring and security functions, the e-Domotica system offers users the chance to transform their homes into centres of energy efficiency. The “turn on/off” menu lists all connected devices that the user can combine in specific scenarios. This enables him to link the actions of a number of devices. One possible scenario, for example is “Sleep”: before going to bed the user simply turns off all the lights as well as the television via the touch screen. Turning off appliances automatically in this manner avoids unnecessary energy consumption, meaning both costs and environmental impact are reduced. All scenarios and individual control settings are easy to programme via the e-Centre or a remote control. In addition, devices can be activated by a timer or motion detector. : :

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