New Harmony Products

Some News from Simply Automate on their new products…

“The HA Basics range has been extended to include three new USB units to provide basic but all essential input, output and sensor functions. Coupled with the recently released Harmony 5 software, these units offer reliable and fast switching / input sensing for a range of applications – all without the speed issues associated with X10.

Harmony Announcer, released this week, is a powerful text to speech engine for Harmony 5 – complete with a choice of 3 realistic British SAPI5 Voices, you can make announcements, reminders and warnings via Harmony or X10 events. Pre-order on 0845 644 3330 to be the first to receive this powerful software when released on 14th March.

Automated Home readers are offered 10% discount on published prices for USB units by ordering on 0845 644 3330, simply quote “Automated Home” as discount code”NEW USB I/O Units  NEW HARMONY ANNOUNCER TTS SOFTWARE

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