New Hidden Bathroom Dimmer Switch

Following requests from customers currently using the original Bathroom Switch, Sensorbility has developed the Bathroom Dimmer Switch controller.

The variations of the new controller include ramp-up dimming, ramp-down switch-off, time delay switch-off and a unique nursery switch-off.

“Using our existing Bathroom Switch Sensor Pads which allow the user to place them behind most materials such as Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals, users can create switches in virtually any shape and situation. In Bathrooms our Sensor Pads can even be placed behind tiles reachable from the bath or shower and allow switching and dimming in total safety.

The Bathroom Dimmer Switch circuit uses a relay that is contained within the controller housing to operate the switching function, allied to a variable level output for the dimming function. Operating the Bathroom Dimmer Switch is simple: Touch your chosen faceplate (tile etc.) and the lights will turn on at low level, keep touching and the lights will begin to ramp up to full brightness, remove the hand and the lights will stay at the intensity reached. To switch off, touch briefly and the lights will slowly dim back down and switch off. If required, a further touch at this stage will again latch to the intensity reached.

The new Dimmer controller and its variants, can be activated from up to 6 Sensor Pads; so the operation of lights from various places – even from the bath – can be achieved easily. A version with momentary output is available for connection to X10.

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