New HP Digital Media Reciever

Submission by Ian Henderson

Hi All, This is a US product at the moment I hope that it will be available here

HP has unveiled the Digital Media Receiver 5000 series – a device designed to offer multimedia lovers a better way to enjoy digital music and photos on their PCs. Using a standard remote control, the Digital Media Receiver 5000 allows consumers to browse through their favorite music and photos and choose what they want to view or listen to without having to access their PC using a typical mouse and keyboard.

Featuring a compact design, the receiver provides access to digital content from a PC through a wired E
thernet or wireless 802.11b home network. The Digital Media Receiver 5000 also enables users to play digital music and view photos typically stored and accessed on their PC through their TV and stereo systems… A review can also be seen on the Forbes web site

Read the Review.

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