New LCD Colour Door Phone System

Marmitek have introduced their second new door phone product of the year.  The DoorGuard400 is described as a "luxury handsfree video-doorphone system, with a color outdoorcamera". The neat door bell / camera unit connects to the 14cm colour LCD monitor and up to 4 screens can be daisy-chained together.

"How does it work? – You install the small doorbell camera onto the doorframe and connect the wires. As soon as a visitor rings your doorbell, the picture will get displayed on the home monitor. This way you see who is at the door before you open it (or pretend you’re not at home). To speak to the caller, you simply press on the speech button. If you have also installed an electric door opener, you can open the door from the monitor. If you have installed more monitors (optionally available) at home (maximum 3 extra), then you can also talk among each other."


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