New Modular Dimmer from Helvar

Helvar 458 Modular Dimmer

Helvar will release the new 458 Dimmer later this quarter.  The eight channel inductive dimmer, complete with LCD display and cursor control, comes in a compact, pre-wired, wall-mountable unit for maximum convenience and versatility.

"Compatible with Helvar’s existing Imagine and Digidim routers, multiple 458 dimmers can be networked through both DALI and SDIM ports.  The 458 can accommodate a range of user interfaces, including push button, rotary, sensors and touch panel controllers, contributing to its huge adaptability

As Steve Buckley, UK sales manager at Helvar explains, demand is set to be high for the 458:
“The 458 sets a new standard in dimmer design for lighting control systems and we’ve had approaches from a wide range of potential users, ranging from the hospitality industry where there is a need to create a variety of atmospheric scenes to those in corporate and even marine settings who simply require convenient, effective central lighting control.  The 458 offers high performance in a simple, reliable package.” 

The 458 is sure to benefit from Helvar’s renowned build-quality and reliability and has a number of features that set it apart from comparative products in the marketplace:

  • 8 dimmable channels rated at 10A, with a total dimmer capacity of 40A
  • HF Ballast control option (1-10V, DSI, PWM)
  • Multiple networking capacity
  • LCD display with intuitive cursor control for basic configuration and control
  • Modular mechanical design for easy installation and swap-out

Alongside these benefits, the 458 dimmer complies with all relevant European standards including the WEEE and RoHS directives."  



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