New POPP Z-Wave Smart Home Sensor Can Detect Mould

POPP Z-Wave Mould Detector

Here’s a new temperature and humidity sensor from Z-Wave specialists, POPP. It uses its measurements to determine the dew point and detect any potential risk of mould forming around your home.

The module Incorporates the latest Z-Wave Plus, S2 and Smart Start technologies for best compatibility, security, range and battery life.

To protect your home against mold the detector measures temperature and humidity of its environment. The Mold Detector notices specified combinations of temperature and humidity, which can lead to the formation of mold. If a specific range of humidity and temperature, which leads to mold formation, is reached the detector sends out a warning to your Z-Wave Smart Home gateway. With that you will always be informed about the danger of mold formation.

Available now for around €35

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  1. That’s a very specific sensor! If I put it in the bread bin, will it do the same? 😉

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