New Remote Controlled Thermostatic Electronic Radiator Valve


Chalmor have launched a new remote controlled thermostatic electronic radiator valve designed to save on gas or oil central heating costs.  Existing thermostatic radiator valves can be easily be swapped the £60 eTRV’s in a few minutes…

“SAVE ENERGY, SAVE COSTS – TAKE CONTROL – Controlling the cost of central heating by saving energy is a key issue tackled head on by the new eTRV.     This is an innovative, British-made thermostatic electronic radiator valve that has the potential to save on gas or oil central heating costs by typically between 15% and 25%.  This clever invention created by heating controls specialists, Chalmor Limited, makes it easy for the central heating radiators in each room to be individually and very flexibly operated by using the eTRV’s neat, slim remote controlled handset.

After four years in development and testing during which time eTRV achieved five separate awards, this energy-saving product is now available for use in homes and in commercial and public buildings.

So Easy – Existing thermostatic radiator valves can be easily replaced by eTRV at home within minutes by simply unscrewing and replacing with eTRV.   If the property does not have thermostatic radiator valves then eTRV needs to be fitted professionally.  Each radiator can be controlled not only individually, but in an extremely flexible way.   In the home, for example, the bathroom could be heated throughout the day but to a comfort temperature in the morning, a low temperature in the day and an economy temperature in the evening.   Similarly a sitting room could be heated just weekday evenings but all afternoon and evening at weekends.

Help Where Needed – As well as crucially saving on heating bills, fitting eTRV eliminates the need to bend down for older or less able people who can now adjust their warmth levels from the comfort of their armchair or have a carer do this.   So convenient, eTRV also complements home automation systems.

According to The Chartered Institute of Building around 60% of UK building work is refurbishment and home improvement work where the energy saving priority is in the forefront.   For both refurbishment and for new-build, the new eTRV is able to make a big contribution to energy efficiency at low cost.

An additional cost saving factor on eTRV is the reduction of VAT from 20% down to 5% if supplied and fitted by a registered tradesperson such as a VAT-registered plumber or heating engineer.  Retail price of the eTRV is £49.99+VAT and the handset costs £9.99+VAT.”

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3 Comments on "New Remote Controlled Thermostatic Electronic Radiator Valve"

  1. Does anybody else look at that remote and get a bit nostalgic for their old ZX Spectrum? 😉

  2. Steven Elwell | February 27, 2012 at 10:52 pm |

    or think it is a Fisher-Price toy!

  3. James from RadiatorValves | March 23, 2012 at 8:43 am |

    I have to say, I’m impressed. Having a remote control to easily control the radiators from a distance. So, is it really safe to say that replacing older radiator valves is really worth it? Well, just want to know so that I can finally decide on what to do.

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