New RFXcom Ethernet / Wireless Device

FRXCom have the scoop on a new Rfxcom Ethernet devices which can hold 2 standard RFXcom receivers and 1 Rfxcom transmitter…

“I’m testing now the 2 Comport Ethernet version with on comport 1 (master) the X10/Oregon/KAKU etc receiver and the Visonic receiver also on comport 1 (Slave) On Comport 2 I have installed a traditional RFXcom transmitter.

I have it running in my local network and made a connection based on TCP-IP, the device can be configured with a browser because it has it’s own webserver.
In my configuration the receivers are on port 10001 and the transmitters on port 10002.

Now it’s also possible to connect with a browsers from anywhere in world directly in to the rfxcom devices, just make a redirect in your router. I will post my further experiences later.”

These 4 version will be available soon:

  •     Ethernet interface – Wired – 1 COM Port
  •     Ethernet interface – Wired – 2 COM Ports
  •     Ethernet interface – Wireless – 1 COM Ports
  •     Ethernet interface – Wired/Wireless – 2 COM Ports
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