New Rosie Linux Home Automation System

Savant Systems are working on “Rosie” their new home control system. The modular package includes complete home automation control and media server capabilities, complete with touchscreen interface and inovative remote control design.

“One glimpse of the onscreen display, remote control and plasma and you know you are looking at a unique product. They are some of the most unique designs I have seen. Indeed the whole system is like a work of art. No wonder the alpha and beta product releases are called DaVinci (control products and touchpanels) and Beethoven (music server and media content).

The 2.4 GHz remote control’s design is not finalized, but it is round, about the size of a baseball cut in half. In iPod-like fashion, users drag their thumb around the face of the remote to move the icon on the screen with hardkeys also on the face. A recharging stand is in the works, but right now it requires two AAA batteries.

The onscreen interface looks like something from a Hollywood studio, with large icons that float on the display in a 3-D, circular pattern. The floating icons can be semi-transparent and manipulated while the homeowner is also viewing live programming. The remotes are fully programmable. ”

Read the review at CE Pro

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