New Russian Home Automation System


Based in Saint Petersburg Russia, Intelvision Engineering have developed a new home automation system and they recon its features can be compared to systems from AMX, Crestron and C-Bus.

However, its advantage is that you are free to choose hardware from the multiple vendors and open protocols that it supports and their new iPhone control app has already been localised for English as they look to European markets next.

“Our company develops new home automation system based on Beckhoff CX controller and compatible with all beckhoff I/O modules and other KNX/LON/RS232/485/TCP/IP devices.  Our software consists of several parts:

  • Beckhoff CX controller server side (INTELVISION PLC runtime)
  • Configuration Program (for PC) – to configure I/O, Logic, timers, groups, ext.devices (MediaCenter, IRTrans, Moxa, Kramer etc.), ext.interfaces (RS485, lon, knx, enocean etc))
  • Visualisation library – dll for MS Blend with a large amount of additional elements (dimmers, relays, command senders, buttons, IR, bells, video (Axis) etc.)
  • Native iPod Touch/iPhone software – take a look at the video below (no programming needed, just install software, enter the IP of the controller and interface will be build automatically based on the configuration that was first created with the configuration program and then uploaded to the controller).” : (Google translation to English)

UPDATE IntelVIsion have setup a temporary website for this “SmartUnity” product  :

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5 Comments on "New Russian Home Automation System"

  1. This sounds fantastic.

  2. Definitely liking that app!

  3. nelle robmann | March 2, 2009 at 9:41 am |

    Does this work for all Iphones ? I have the first model ever made and I don’t have access to all the newest aps.

  4. Can’t see this in the app store yet – very keen to get it working on our KNX install.

  5. how can i download this program and test it on my CX PLC

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